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A site that led to the discovery of the La Pierre Saint-Martin karst…


The picturesque little village of Sainte-Engrâce unveils the secrets of its gorges.  A pleasant walk takes you straight to the splendid waterfall, about 20 metres high, and the Cave of de Lake (Grotte du Lac), with its natural display of stalactites and stalagmites.


Open daily from 8 a.m. to dusk - from 15th March to 15th November.

Paid access, walking shoes recommended.

Information on: 00 335 59 28 73 44 



  • Pont d'Enfer circuit and "Albert Aguiar" footpath





  • Barétous museum


5 exhibition spaces offer a discovery of Barétous, land of movement and traditions 

Place de la Mairie, Tél. 00 335 59 88 95 38



  • The Musketeers of the Béarn and Gascony


Animated guided tour following in the footsteps of Athos, Portos and Aramis


Tél. 00 335 59 36 00 41



  • Arette windmill


Tél. 00 335 59 88 95 38





  • Bois-de-Calvaire discovery trail


A leisurely ramble along a specially developed trail with educational, interactive terminals with information on the types of trees growing in the woods and the forest environment.

Visits leave from the path situated 2 minutes from the village centre.




- adventure trail (116 activities among trees 2 to 20 m high).
- bungee jumping
- bar snack area
Tél. 00 33 5 59 34 64 79



  • Cayolar d'Aramits


High-altitude cabin where shepherds live in the summer and make cheese.

Stage, Tel. 00 335 59 88 95 38



  • The Musketeers Abbey gate, Aramits


Grand 17th century entrance gate and sole remains of the secular abbey located close to the village church.

In July and August, guided tours by a local storyteller
Information from the Barétous valley Tourist Office
Tel. 00 335 59 88 95 38




  • Casa de la Memoria


Roncal Valley Ethnography Museum, which has joined forces with Arette to implement a cross-border project to save the Pyrenean heritage.

Tel. 00 335 59 84 98 50








Kakuetta gorges

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