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General terms and conditions






The following terms are defined as having the following meanings for the purposes of these general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "GTC"):


"LA VERNA": La Verna La Pierre Saint-Martin is a French SAS (Simplified joint stock company) entered in the Pau Trade and Companies' Register under no. TCR 522 251 487 with capital of 8,000 Euros and declared a physical fitness and sports establishment under no.06410ET0024.


The company's registered office is located at the Arrakotchepia reception facility, 64560 Sainte-Engrâce.


Telephone no.: 05 59 14 19 19 - E-mail:


"Website": the website is located at the following URL address:


"La Verna cavern": Arrakotchepia reception facility for La Verna, access tunnel to the La Verna main reception cavern, and the La Verna cavern itself. This term also includes within its meaning the shuttle trip to La Verna.


"CUSTOMER": any natural person or legal entity with whom LA VERNA concludes a sales agreement for the sale of tourist products.


Hereinafter collectively known as the "Parties", and individually as a "Party".


"Order": any agreement binding the CUSTOMER to LA VERNA for entering into and performing the sale of tourist products.


"Ticket office": Ticket Office section (Book online) of the website at and retail outlets enabling subscription to one or more tourist products.


"Retail outlet": any physical location designed for the sale of tourist products with the prior authorisation of La Verna.


"Tourist Product": the following constitute a Tourist Product within the meaning of these GTC: the proposed sale for an all-in price of one or more admissions to the La Verna cavern, and/or one or more of the special tours subject to prior booking, to an event, or any other product offered for sale on the site (shuttle service access, trips and circuits across the 'lapiez' or surface limestone formations of the Pierre Saint-Martin river…for example), or any other products offered for sale on the site or at the retail outlet.


"GTC": General Terms and Conditions


1 – General remarks


1.1 These GTC apply to all orders placed via the Internet and at retail outlets for one or more Tourist Products subscribed to by the CUSTOMER. The said Tourist Products can only be used on the day(s) chosen by the CUSTOMER when placing the Order.

These GTC may be viewed on the Internet site and handed to the customer at the different retail outlets. The CUSTOMER'S payment for the tourist product shall be deemed to include acceptance of the GTC.


1.2 The CUSTOMER declares himself to be in a position to conclude this agreement, in other words being of legal age and being neither under guardianship nor trusteeship.


1.3 The act of placing an Order implies the CUSTOMER's formal unreserved acceptance of all clauses and conditions provided in these GTC. Consequently, the CUSTOMER declares and acknowledges having full knowledge thereof and hereby waives recourse to any other document.


1.4 LA VERNA reserves the right to unilaterally alter these GTC at any time and to apply them to all Orders placed after the date of alteration.



1.5 The fact that LA VERNA chooses, during a given period, not to avail itself of any of these terms and conditions shall not be construed as a waiver to enforce said conditions, or more generally other conditions, at a later date.


2 - Orders


2.1 Orders placed for Tourist Products are subject to these GTC, as well as the La Verna cavern in-house regulations.


2.2 The CUSTOMER has several options for ordering a tourist product:


•          On the Internet, CUSTOMERS are required to complete the form with details of the required services. Before placing a final order, CUSTOMERS will be able to check the selected information (order) and alter it as they see fit.


•          In retail outlets, CUSTOMERS must provide all compulsory details to enable said point of sale to record the order. Before the payment stage, customers are given a summary of their order and may modify it as they see fit (customer details and total amount inc. VAT for the tourist product).


Irrespective of the type of booking made (on the Internet or at retail outlets), the order is only finally placed after receipt of confirmation of payment:

•          made on a one-off basis on the Internet site;

•          made by banker's card, cheque or in cash at the different retail outlets.

Following receipt of this confirmation, the order is deemed irrevocable and may only be challenged in the restrictive cases specified hereinafter. In the case of payments made by cheque, La Verna reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice if it is unable to cash the cheque (if rejected by the bank for X reasons).








2.3 For all orders of tourist products on the Internet, once the order is finally placed, CUSTOMERS are redirected automatically to a page confirming the final validation of the order. CUSTOMERS will also receive a conformation e-mail. Once this confirmation has been received, customers have the option of printing out their booking confirmation, or noting down their booking no. and subsequently providing it at reception on the day of their visit.


2.4 For all other orders of a tourist product placed on the Internet site, CUSTOMERS are guaranteed that their bank account will only be debited once by LA VERNA via a secure payment site for the sum total of the Tourist Product order.


The amount is paid by banker's card on our partner's secure bank servers (Crédit Agricole – e-transaction system). This means that no banking information concerning the customer shall be transmitted through the LA VERNA site or on the site update interface. Payment by banker's card is therefore totally secure. Customer orders will thus be recorded and validated once payment is accepted by the bank of the customer's choice.


Customers' credit card details are encrypted using SSL protocol software (Secure Socket Layer) and are therefore never transmitted unencrypted on the network. Payment is made directly to the bank. La Verna and the site update interface have no access to these details under any circumstances and do not store them on the servers. For this reason, customers will be asked again for their details for each new transaction on our site.


Finally, in the case of all bookings made for a tourist product on the Internet site, LA VERNA reserves the right to automatically cancel the booking without notice if payment has not been recorded within 30 minutes of creating the booking on the Internet. Tickets booked by CUSTOMERS remaining unpaid after 30 minutes will therefore be placed back on sale on the Internet site and at retail outlets.


2.5 All the particulars mentioned in the confirmation e-mails and forms handed to the CUSTOMER at retail outlets shall be deemed to have been accepted by the CUSTOMERS, unless they are disputed by registered letter with advice of receipt within 8 days.



2.6 By keeping and/or printing out the confirmation slip or the e-mail sent by LA VERNA, CUSTOMERS automatically have proof of their order on the Internet site.


In the case of retail outlets, CUSTOMERS automatically have proof of their order when they are handed their confirmation slip.


2.7 Irrespective of whether bookings are made on the Internet or at retail outlets, CUSTOMERS must report to the "Arrakotxepia" reception facility at least a quarter of an hour prior to the visit and in exchange for their confirmation slip a member of the reception staff will hand them an admission ticket for the tour.


2.8 Once an order is confirmed and paid for, LA VERNA can not apply any reductions or ad-hoc promotional offers with retroactive effect.


2.9 Bookings made and paid for on the Internet site and at retail outlets are dated and are only valid for the date chosen by the customer at the time of order. Said dated bookings are not refundable. However, they may be exchanged subject to the conditions stipulated under articles 3.1 and 3.5.. It is not possible to gain admission to the La Verna cavern more than once on the same booking. Only the first person to produce the booking number may gain admission, that person being presumed to be the legitimate ticket-holder.


2.10 A discount is applied to bookings of families of at least 2 children and 2 adults.

The discounts applied to families in the different retail outlets and on the Internet site may undergo checks at the La Verna cavern reception desk. Failure to produce documentary evidence in support of these special rates may mean that LA VERNA is forced to charge the difference with the full-rate price ticket in force at the date of the visit.


2.11 It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, duplicate or forge an Internet booking, to make it available for such purposes, or use copies of said documents. Such incidents are punishable by criminal proceedings, notwithstanding any damages LA VERNA might be entitled to claim from the infringing parties by virtue of the losses suffered.





1.         The LA VERNA retail outlets hand CUSTOMERS a paper copy of the booking confirmation, which states that: "Payment is deemed to include acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions appended to this document".


On the Internet site, the compulsory check box "I have read and hereby agree to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale" is deemed to include the CUSTOMER's acceptance of the GTC.


3 – General rules regarding the sale of Tourist Products


3.1 Any Tourist Product subscribed to by the CUSTOMER to gain access to the La Verna cavern will not entitle the user to special benefits in the event of a large influx of visitors.


Some visits in the description included on the Site may have to be cancelled for meteorological reasons or in cases of force majeure.


Cancellation of an activity for reasons of force majeure or act of a third party may in no way give rise to any compensation payable by LA VERNA to the CUSTOMER.


3.2 Price. The descriptions of the Tourist Products presented on the Internet site and at retail outlets specify those services included in the price for each product. The prices are stated in Euros and are inclusive of all taxes.


Generally speaking, and unless otherwise stated, the following are not included in the price: insurance and all personal expenses (catering, beverages, tips) and more generally any service not expressly mentioned on the Internet site and at retail outlets.


The prices mentioned on the Internet site and at retail outlets are subject to alteration at any time, without notice, it being understood that such alterations shall be inapplicable to previously accepted bookings. The age brackets governing the different rates are defined in detail on the Internet site and at retail outlets.




3.3 The only method of payment accepted on the Internet site and for orders subject to these GTC is the banker's card (cards that operate through the Carte Bleue system, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard are accepted). Payments are made directly to LA VERNA via the Internet site using the CUSTOMER's card number and the secure payment system.


At retail outlets and for orders subject to these GTC, the means of payment are as follows: banker's card, cheque or cash.


3.4 Whether the Internet site or retail outlets are concerned, LA VERNA and its retail outlets shall compile a detailed invoice including the date, booking no. and the total sum(s) paid by the CUSTOMER for the Tourist Product.


3.5 Alteration – postponement of date


Any requests for modifications to the Tourist Product made by the CUSTOMER must be sent by registered letter with advice of receipt to LA VERNA at the following address: SAS LA VERNA La Pierre St-Martin, Arrakotchepia reception facility, 64560 Sainte-Engrâce, at least 15 days prior to the date of visit.


The customer may only postpone the date once within 1 year as from the initial date of booking and subject to availabilities.


4 – Parties' undertakings


4.1 LA VERNA undertakes to perform the Tourist Product Order, subject to the provisions of article 8 herebelow and the CUSTOMER's compliance with the procedure provided under article 2 hereabove.


4.2 In the event that LA VERNA might, following final validation of the Order, be unable to honour its undertakings, it reserves the right, in order to guarantee wherever possible that CUSTOMERS receive a product compliant with their needs, to modify the initial attribution of services, providing they correspond to the CUSTOMER's needs. Where necessary, LA VERNA shall inform the CUSTOMER of any modifications in due time.



4.3 Every visitor shall comply with the in-house regulations posted at the reception to the La Verna cavern inside the Tourist Product.


4.4 The CUSTOMER undertakes to comply with all directions issued by LA VERNA concerning the organisation of the Tourist Product.


4.5 No Order may be assigned by the CUSTOMER to a third party without sending prior written notification to LA VERNA.


5 – Responsibilities


5.1 LA VERNA may be exempt from all or part of its responsibility by providing proof that its failure to perform or properly perform the agreement is attributable either to the CUSTOMER, or to the unforeseeable, unavoidable act of a third party to the provision of services set forth in the GTC, or to a case of force majeure.


5.2 The CUSTOMER shall be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that tourist product subscribers may cause as a result of their presence in the La Verna cavern, whether it affects the personnel and/or clientele of LA VERNA, or any equipment placed at the CUSTOMER's disposal by LA VERNA.


5.3 LA VERNA shall not be held responsible for damage of any kind whatsoever. All visitors are responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that they may cause as a result of their presence in the La Verna cavern.


5.4 LA VERNA's liability shall not under any circumstances be incurred in the event of loss or theft of a ticket. However, a duplicate may be issued at the cash desk on presentation of ID, booking no. and date of booking, providing the ticket has not already been used.


 6 - Cancellation

None of the services defined within these GTC may be refunded in the following circumstances:

- non-use by the CUSTOMER subject to the conditions referred to in article 3.5 of these presents;

- for reasons linked to the weather or cancellation of the visit on exceptional grounds.


7 - Force majeure


The Parties reserve the right, without payment of penalty or compensation, to cancel the performance of the Tourist Product should a case of force majeure or exceptional circumstance arise.


Likewise, the LA VERNA management team reserves the right to modify the Tourist Product timetable, without payment of any penalty or compensation, should a case of force majeure or exceptional circumstance arise.


8 – Applicable law, claims, and disputes


8.1 These GTC are governed by French law.


8.2 Any claim arising during the performance of the services defined in these presents shall be instituted as soon as possible by the CUSTOMER, at the site and in the appropriate manner, to enable LA VERNA to find a solution as quickly as possible. In all cases, claims shall be sent by the CUSTOMER to LA VERNA by registered letter within the month following the date of service performance. Said letter shall state the booking number and detailed information in support of the claim.


9 – Personal data


9.1 The information collected is intended for use by LA VERNA. It undergoes computer processing to enable handling of the CUSTOMER's request and to permit commercial management by LA VERNA, such as the following in particular:


- answering requests for information submitted via the Internet site and at retail outlets;

- placing and managing orders;

- dispatching commercial information when the CUSTOMER is in agreement or when the legislation in force authorises it to do so;


- compiling general statistics concerning traffic to the Internet site and the La Verna cavern with a view to improving the services that LA VERNA offers the CUSTOMER.




9.2 In accordance with law no.78-17 of 6th January 1978 relating to data processing, computing files and civil liberties, CUSTOMERS have a right to access, rectify and delete information concerning them, which the CUSTOMER can exercise by writing to LA VERNA, whose registered office is located at the Arrakotchepia reception facility, 64560 Sainte-Engrâce.


This is an individual right that can only be exercised by the persons concerned in relation to their own information. For security reasons, LA VERNA will check on their identity to avoid transmitting any confidential information concerning them to another party.


The CUSTOMER's data may be transmitted by LA VERNA to third parties for sales prospection purposes, providing the CUSTOMER has agreed thereto in the duly completed registration form.


9.3 Fields on the registration forms followed by an asterisk must be completed. Failing this, LA VERNA will not be able to take the registration request into consideration.

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